Unicorn Snorre Hornson [32CM]


Unicorn Snorre Hornson is the perfect cuddly toy friend. The unicorn with blue spotted, fluffy plush fur has two blue flashes on the flank and a golden shimmering horn. Snorre Hornson wears a detachable hood with a hole in it so that the horn is always visible.

Winter Wonderland with Snorre! Snorre Hornson comes from the far north and visits Theodor and his unicorn friends in winter unicorn country. With his cuddly plush coat and the cute hood Snorre makes all unicorns want to spend the winter. In snow-covered unicorns it can cover the rainbows with a layer of ice. So his unicorn friends can slide down even faster and have fun.

Now in a perfect cuddly size, perfect for cuddles! Snorre Hornson is ready to be your pal through any time of the day!

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