Snowman Woddel Dangling 23cm


Snowman Woddel consists of white, fluffy plush from NICI and is a particularly beautiful cuddly toy. Woddel wears a turquoise scarf around his neck and a bobble hat in the same colour on his head. Small black button eyes shine over an orange carrot nose.

Ice age and snow luck with Reny Heart and Frizzy Frizzy is a brave rock penguin and his sign adventurer. He is so brave and so longing for the snow that he leaves his home in the southern hemisphere and travels to the far north. There he meets Reny Heart, a small reindeer. The two quickly become inseparable friends and even manage to save the snowman Woddel from melting together. With the help of ice fairies the two adventurers bring the winter back to Renys hometown Wuschelby and save Woddel’s life. After such an exciting adventure you can relax together with the snow goose Dr. Schnaddel with a hot cup of chocolate.

The perfect cuddly companion any time any where!

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