Panter Jerome 45cm Dangling Wild Friends


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Cuddly toy panther Jerome with his grey fur and the dark fur markings is made of high-quality NICI plush and is a precious playmate. His friendly face,big black plush-nose and the soft little ears give him a cute touch.


Lion Kitan and panther Jerome bring the wilderness to your home! The two love to exercise together and at times compete in a little run. One day the two wild cats are challenged by a tiny green turtle with big eyes called Slippy. The strong lion and the fast panther are a bit puzzled at first, but Slippy is fast as the wind and wins the footrace. Slippy’s victory is the beginning of a wonderful friendship and the unlike bunch of friends is completed by the red turtle Snazzy, who has turned red after an exhausting run. Make these Wild Friends your friends and find your favourite product among the cuddly toys, cushions, and accessories such as cups and stationery items.


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