NiciDoos Ice Cream – Unicorn Neapolitan [9CM]


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  • Cuddly toy unicorn Neapolitan is adored by girls. The little plush animal comes in tender rose colours and has a fluffy hairstyle. The ice cream on its head makes it clear that Neapolitan is part of NICI’s NICIdoos Ice Cream collection. The glittering pink horn and the long black lashes on glittering eyes make this unicorn a special play-mate.
  • The NICIdoos are sweet and crazy companions, which put a smile on everybody’s face. Find your personal favorite among the funny plush toys with big eyes and funny names. New: The clumsy NICIdoos fell head over heels into delicious ice-cream. A nice cooling in the hot season and brings a lot of fun!
  • Ice cream print on the head
  • multi-coloured
  • 9 cm


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