NiciDoos Ice Cream – Bat Blueberry Yoghurt [9CM]


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  • Glittering silver fabric in the ears and on the wings give cuddly toy bat Blueberry Joghurt a noble touch. The big glittering eyes add up to this look, too. The NICIdoos bat managed to land in a heap of delicious blueberry ice cream during one of its first attempts to fly. This is when it got its extraordinary name.
  • The NICIdoos are sweet and crazy companions, which put a smile on everybody’s face. Find your personal favorite among the funny plush toys with big eyes and funny names. New: The clumsy NICIdoos fell head over heels into delicious ice-cream. A nice cooling in the hot season and brings a lot of fun!
  • Ice cream print on the head
  • multi-coloured
  • 9 cm


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