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Are you ready for an adventurous journey through the jungle with NICI and the latest Wild Friends cuddly toys and accessories? Accompany elephant El-Frido, gorilla Torben, spider Octilla, and chameleon Chamilla on their jungle expedition. The jungle is full of mysterious events that wait for the four friends who could not be any more different. Jung elephant El-Frido needs to take everything into his trunk to take a close look at it. Spider Octilla scurries around rought behind him with her quick legs. Chameleon Chamilla and Torben, the big brown gorilla, though, love to keep their cool. While Chamilla relaxes on a nearby rock, the strong ape with the soft fur has an eye on everybody. Sometimes it is the different personalities that constitute real friendship! Look forward to plush cuddly toys as well as extraordinary accessories for home or on the go. The cuddly toys thrill with great functions, such as moveable eyes, squeaking elephant sounds, glowing bodies, and much more. A collection for all those who love adventures and wild animals.

made of super-soft NICI plush of 100 % polyester

the little Wild Friends elephant El-Frido is made of beige plush and has big, friendly eyes. He has a dark brown shock of hairs on his head and the tip of his tail

use the delicates programme and wash at 30 degrees


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