Dalia Lama 32cm with LED and Speaker


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The cute llama-lady as interactive soft toy with lots of great features: The Bluetooth-speaker in the llama’s belly is connected to tablet or smartphone and then able to play your favourite audio books or music. A LED string of lights in the llama-body shines along in all colours of the rainbow. An exclusive app is available from the iOS and Android app stores for free. With it you can have the llama make funny sounds or record little messages and have your plush friend repeat them for you. As soon as you switch on the module in the llama-belly, it can be found under the name “NICI” in the Bluetooth-settings of your smartphone and tablet. Only one device can be connected to the loudspeaker at a time; it is not possible to connect two devices at the same time. Additionally, the connection is secured with a password. When the Bluetooth-connection to the llama is interrupted, the loudspeaker switches into idle mode after four minutes. By shaking the cuddly toy, it wakes up and can be used as a loudspeaker again. If you do not want to use your Bluetooth-device anymore, turn the module in the llama-belly off. This prevents the access of strangers and saves your llama’s battery power. The three AAA-batteries included in the cuddly toy are for presentation purposes only. Please replace them with three new batteries before using the llama for the first time.


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